Kawa Ariki Inquiry – Why Are We Here?

I was thinking today…

What Does This Mean – The Goddess Returns?

Kia Ora and GreetingsOur woman’s only event, Kawa Ariki – The Goddess Returns is almost upon us.

My mind turns to the complexity of our lives as women, mothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, nieces and how we create expectations of what these ‘roles’ look like in our every day being-ness.
Then this question arises!   Are we here to fulfil a dream, a passion, create a life and are we happy – truly happy in our deepest of being?

I think of the retreat and know that each one of us attending will unveil a piece (or more) of ourself and in order to do that we’re going to need every ounce of courage we have.

Why?  Because the creation of this workshop is about those very sacred and private parts of our body and the self application of a bodywork to cleanse these of all past hurts and pains willing and unwilling that we’ve carried.
Add to that our past lives, our hereditary bloodlines and we’ve got quite a mixture to work on.
So Kawa Ariki – The Goddess Returns is timely and we are ready.
And my answer to the question above:  Yes I am ready.  More than.  And I believe I honour my dream and my passion to live a life as fully engaged as I can.

In Gratitude and Love

Atarangi Muru
Kawa Ariki Founder
Maori Healer Practitioner, Trainer, Mentor, Guide

PS: My response to the question is:
I am the Goddess – the Master, the Lover, ther Sage, the Wise Woman, the Jokester, the Queen, the Princess, the Child

What is your response to the question?

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