Thank you for your interest in the Kawa Ariki: The Goddess Returns Retreat. It is with deep Aroha/Aloha that we acknowledge and embrace:
  • the ancestral connections that have breathed life into this retreat.
  • our US sponsor non profit organization 'The Great Mahakala' whose work is featured here.
  • our local support in Hawaii.
  • our team of healers and practitioners.
  • our team behind the scenes who have helped bring this together.
  • all who are called to attend this very special women's global event. 
Futher details will be provided including what to bring, special dietary requirements, accommodation etc in a Kia Ora Packet that will be sent after we receive your registration and donation.  Completion of a RELEASE AND WAIVERS is also required when you register.
Entrance into the Kawa Ariki Retreat is by gifting a donation to our sponsors The Great Mahakala Non Profit Organization.  


Kawa Ariki: The Goddess Returns offers:

 1. 8 days of intensive training  including ceremonial initiations into the 'The Ancestral Women's Healing Arts', the likes of which you will not experience anywhere else.  Numbers are limited to enable us to give special care and attention to all participants.  When we first shared the possibility for this event women from around the world began committing to attend once we opened for registrations.
2. Tools and activities so that you can continue to practise at home and after dedicated self practise, go on to teach and empower other women, beginning with your family. In this way we will all individually and collectively contribute to the healing of women and families and help bring about positive change in the world.
3. A special venue on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii known for its strong healing energies has been chosen for this event.  Maui Plantation Home Retreat offers privacy and at the same time is close to town facilities should you need them.
4.  Sessions will be from 9.00am to 9.00pm days 1 to 7.  On day 8 we complete at 3.00pm.  Lunch and snacks will be provided daily.  You will be responsible for your own breakfast and dinner.  We may choose to stay in or go into town together for dinner.
5. NOTE: Fee does not cover accommodation.  A Kia Ora Packet with accommodation info, will be sent once your registration and payment are completed.  

The Power Of Gifting

Access to the knowledge of the 'Ancestral Women's Healing Arts' is our healing gift to the women of the world. 
  • A gift that you can then pass forward to your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers to help 'free' yourself and them from disempowering beliefs. 
  • A  gift that becomes a legacy for your future kin.
  • Plus there are more gifts in the donation options below.
Our commitment is to ensure you are totally nurtured throughout. 

Gifting A Donation

Your gifting helps cover the:
  • Time for training, mentoring, healing support and guidance from 9.00am to 9.00pm daily and ending at 3.00pm the last day.
  • Venue hire, retreat materials, daily lunch and snacks.
  • The Maori Healers travel from New Zealand and their accommodation.
  • Support staff costs.
Note - your gifting donation is tax deductible.  After covering all associated costs all proceeds will go towards supporting the charitable works of  The Great Mahakala.

The Power Of Commitment

Please take 3 deep breaths and relax.
Now take a look inside.
How deep is your desire to attend? 
Ask yourself, "How much do I need this?"  
Awareness of a need is the first step.  

Gifting A Universe


Unspoken Truths

Murshida Va from the US sent some special feedback that prompted us to highlight some unspoken truths. Murshida writes,

"Atarangi Muru has been elder, mentor, healer, guide (in the truest sense), and most of all an amazingly 'loyal friend'".

How many 'international trainers' whose events you have attended can you now call a "loyal friend", who is there for you no matter what?

"Atarangi has written me from New Zealand when dreams have told her I was in trouble (and boy was she right!) offering me the protection of the Maori Elders."

How often have you needed to know that someone is holding you in their heart and in their prayers offering you protection?

"She has reflected with me on my visions, encouraging me to believe messages which my mind wanted to balk at as unbelievable, over the top, or patently insane, assuring me that she "saw" all of those things when she met me."

Have you ever felt judged for being "different", for wanting to change while everyone else remains the same?  

So as a woman do you accept that you truly deserve this opportunity to not only participate in Kawa Ariki, but to have the "trainer" become a "loyal friend". 

Awareness + Commitment + Focus = Desire Fulfilled = Happiness.  
Add the Power Of NOW to confirm your commitment
Allow the MAGIC to unfold

So begins your retreat with

Gifting Donation Option 1

  USD 2,500 plus

Your gifting donation of $2500 USD plus an additional amount of your choosing, to help sponsor one woman or more to participate.  She may be someone you know or you can leave the sponsorship recipient to us to choose.  

You are also eligible to receive the following extra gifts:

  • Email 3 different questions over time and Atarangi will personally respond.  Value $165 per question x 3 people.
  • Request a distance healing with Atarangi, for yourself and 2 loved ones.  A  photo and date of birth of each person is required. Value $250 per person x 3 people.
  • Your gifts can be redeemed at any time.  There is no time constraint. 
  • Total gift value = $1,245

Gifting Donation Option 2

USD 2,500

Your gifting donation of $2,500 USD

You are also eligible to receive the following extra gifts:

  • Email 2 different questions and Atarangi will personally respond. Value $165 per questionx 2 people.
  • Request a distance healing with Atarangi, for yourself OR a loved one.  You will be asked to provide a photo and date of birth of person. Value $250 x 1 person.
  • Your gifts expire a year after the course completion day which is 6th November 2015. 
  • Total gift value = $580




Gifting Donation Option 3

USD 2,250

Your gifting donation of $2,250 USD







Gifting Donation Option 4

This option was initiated by a woman who cannot attend this Kawa Ariki Retreat, but wanted to make a donation to support other women.  She asked for a process to enable this.

We look forward to having you join our global whanau/ohana/family.  
If your heart is saying YES, then we advise you REGISTER NOW. 
Once the maximum number for this retreat is reached, registrations will be closed.

To complete your Gifting Donation choose one of the following options.

Options 1, 2 or 3

Option 4