The Goddess Returns

An 8 Day Global Retreat 


The Ancestral Women's Healing Arts 

30th October to 6th November 2015

VENUE:  MAUI PLANTATION HOME, Spreckelsville, close to Baby Beach, Baldwin and Sugar Cove Beach. Hawaii

KAWA ARIKI is a ground breaking and deeply necessary workshop that releases the 'wounded woman' from all types of abuse, be it sexual, mental, physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual. This retreat will contain a lot of bodywork that will help you move through many of the things that have held you back, allowed fear to rule your life and maintained the mediocrity of that life. But this retreat is not about the abuse. KAWA ARIKI is about the adornment of a woman who is growing herself, ready to bloom to the full hearted capacity of womanhood, armed with self knowledge and understanding, thus giving her power. To exude your essence from this possibility is not only powerful it's your absolute right, from birth (alpha) to death (omega) this is the pathway. 
KAWA ARIKI is the long held dream of Maori Healer Atarangi Muru. When you participate in a program you become part of a global whanau or family, who embrace and support each others’ growth and development. Atarangi emphasizes the importance of empowering in the home first and foremost. You will take home special techniques to continue working on yourself so that your cloak remains strong. When the time is right you teach your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters, Aunts, Grandmothers, all women, all ages. You inspire by leading the way, being open, safe, realistic and honouring with all that comes to the fore in this work. 

"Much gratitude to you both for allowing the Ancients to bring through such a pure wellness session.  I have had much less bleeding and less pressure and pain. I feel very humbled for this.  Atarangi what an honor to have met you. Very rare to find non ego facilitators of wellness. A very special gift to receive thank you".

Su Sweetapple, Ska Mahto Pejuta Win an, White Bear Medicine Woman, Northland, New Zealand.

What You Can Expect

♥  A very unique 8 day retreat led by the exceptional Maori Healers from Aotearoa New Zealand
♥  Rare access to 'The Ancestral Women's Healing Arts'
♥  A sacred, powerful, heart opening ceremony.
♥  Moving chants and self help activities to help release old wounds and heal your heart, mind, soul, spirit.
♥  A beauty filled adornment ceremony to complete your liberation into full womanhood.


Core Daily Practises

♥  Clear the belly each morning before you arise from your bed
♥  Relieve any pressure held in the intestinal tract, awaken the womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
♥  Fire up the central core, move stagnant waters and settle one's monthly cycle to one of ease and honoured release.

No Time Like Now!

You are receiving this information to help you move beyond survival by learning sacred techniques from the Ancestral Healing Arts.
There is no time more important than NOW to RE-TREAT! RE-CLAIM! RE-NEW! RE-VIVE! RE-JUVENATE!

An Outstanding Contribution

"Tena koe Ata, here is what I have written this morning! Sending much love to you, I can't wait to do some more work with you, I so LOVE your emphasis on self responsiblity and being a resource for our families and communities... really that's why I'm doing counselling training!!"

On July 25 2015, I was blessed with the opportunity of participating in a wonderful sharing of healing skills with Atarangi Muru and Charlotte Mildon. This sharing took place in the context of a hui on Waimako Marae, Tuai and was an outstanding and tangible contribution to the hui.

Atarangi shared the emphasis the old people who taught her had put on self care, self maintenance and self healing as the first responsibility of the healer: I was struck by this as it is the OPPOSITE of the martyr archetype that many healers of European descent have. Atarangi and Charlotte were also excellent examples of this, both seeming more vital, healthy, beautiful and young than the last time I had seen them 18 months before! I was impressed with this emphasis and wanted to find out more about it.

One of the activities that they shared with us was the use of a rakau (in this case a piece of dowel) to work with one’s own body. We were shown how to press the rakau into the ligaments of joints eg. at the top of the thigh, to assist the body to wake up its own resources and circulate energy to parts of the body that might otherwise start to seize up in our society which offers only limited movement opportunities and habits to many of us.

In addition we could press down with the rakau into muscles eg. into the muscle above the knee joint, which again would increase circulation and mobility in that part of the body and in the joint. We were guided not to be afraid of pain but to realise that pain was a sign of encountering a block in the body which we could undo with the help of the rakau. The rakau could also be used to tap our limbs and for example our upper chest area to release blocked energies.

I heard Atarangi say that the old people could often be seen working on their own bodies – they did not have the ‘consumer’ model of waiting to be healed by other people but took responsibility and acted as healers for themselves – this of course makes all of us more useful and powerful resources for others in our whānau and communities and in the world. Kia ora koutou e ngā tupuna tino mohio!

FE DAY - Counselling Trainer. Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

About The Maori Healers

The Maori Healers provide healer practitioner bodywork services and training to help people worldwide reconnect to ‘The Ancestral Healing Arts’ that can support their own healing empowerment and the know how required to access simple tools for self care and self maintenance. The Maori Healers work is featured at

Hawaii Calls

The Maori Healers have a special association with Hawaii, that was seeded when they first presented their work there over 10 years ago. During healing sessions at the time, the very close ancestral links between Hawaii and Aotearoa New Zealand were identified by the elders present. Indeed this link is also easily evidenced in the language where Aloha and Aroha - the language of love, are featured in everyday conversation. We are in deep gratitude to the people behind the scenes in Hawaii who have helped make this event possible.
The excitement for a Kawa Ariki Retreat for women grew during a Te Rongopae - The Clear Bright Horizon event in New Zealand in November/December 2014. The women who attended were given an insight into 'The Ancestral Women's Healing Arts' and they were deeply moved. A further mini workshop for women held in the US in May this year had a profound effect on all who were present. A commitment was then made to hold an 8 day retreat on the island of Maui, Hawaii. On all the islands the beauty of the divine feminine is portrayed through their sacred hula. Indeed one can feel these same feminine energies embedded in the land.



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About The Venue

Unsurpassed in quality and cleanliness MAUI PLANTATION HOME, Spreckelsville, is close to Baby Beach, Baldwin and Sugar Cove Beach.  Spreckelsville is the preferred Maui location for windsurfing, kite & boogey boarding, and beach-walks. Shops and restaurants are only a few minutes away. Three of North-Shore Maui's most unique and secluded beaches are within 2-5 minutes walking distance. Baby Beach is beautiful and safe - protected from waves by a reef just offshore.